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Experienced Legal Guidance For Buying Or Selling A Home

Buying or selling a house is a momentous transaction that must be handled with care. A misstep could result in a significant loss as well as lawsuits and other liabilities. Before signing anything, you can give yourself peace of mind by having a knowledgeable attorney draft, review or negotiate your contract while providing guidance and insight on the home buying or selling process.

At Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we represent buyers and sellers of real estate in Kansas City and throughout surrounding areas. We are here to protect your interests in buying or selling a home in Kansas or Missouri.

Buying A House

An attorney can review your brokerage contract, purchase agreement and other forms to make sure there are no hidden or ambiguous clauses that will come back to haunt you in the future. The purchase agreement may cover issues such as:

  • What additions have been made to the property
  • The feasibility of future additions
  • Home inspections for termites, asbestos and other hazards

An attorney fluent in the language of real estate contracts can review your documents to determine that the property you are purchasing is free from unexpected problems.

An attorney can also protect your interests in regard to a title search, determining whether there are legal restrictions affecting your ownership rights, problems with adjoining properties and other issues. In short, an attorney can help you mitigate the risk that comes with buying a house.

Selling A House

When selling a house, you must make disclosures about defects, renovations and other issues. Failure to do so can hurt you at the negotiating table and even lead to costly lawsuits in the future. An experienced real estate lawyer can apprise you of all of your obligations to the buyer, the real estate agent, lender and other parties so that you can make sure you are in compliance with all applicable laws.

An attorney can protect your interests at all stages of the home selling process, from listing your property to overseeing the closing, making sure your interests are secured by carefully drafted contracts.

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