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Filing for bankruptcy is not a crime. It is nothing to be ashamed of — especially in our current economy. Even our founding fathers saw fit to address the issue of bankruptcy in the Constitution.

At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we help people in the Kansas City area and the surrounding regions of Missouri and Kansas to obtain debt relief through the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes. We help our clients explore other options for debt relief as well. In every situation, and in our family law practice too, we use our experience to provide personalized services that resolve each client’s individual debt concerns.

Are you falling further behind on your credit card or mortgage payments each month? Faced with the prospect of wage garnishment or foreclosure? If you are struggling to meet your debt obligations on a monthly or even weekly basis — talk to our lawyer and get the information you need to make the decisions that will change that situation. Call any of our office locations directly or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

Debt Collection Defense

Bankruptcy is not the right solution for everyone or for every situation. For some people, in fact, a little breathing room is all that is needed. Unfortunately, debt collection agencies are not well known for patience or kindness.

Your defense against their continued harassment starts here, at the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C.

Attorney Barbara E. Hecht can protect you from the unfair and illegal debt collection practices used by unscrupulous creditors. Our defense of your rights starts with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which includes, among others, the following provisions:

  • Once a debt collector has been told you have retained us as legal counsel with regard to a debt, they are prohibited from communicating with any person, other than our lawyer, about the debt in question
  • Debt collectors must send you a written notice that contains the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor owed, and statements regarding your rights to dispute the debt and to know the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current one (this notice must be included in the initial communication or provided to you within five days of that initial communication)
  • Any debt collector who fails to comply with the provisions of the FDCPA in their efforts to collect a debt may be liable to you and could be required to pay damages

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