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After an injury accident, you have urgent concerns and worries about the future. You need an attorney who will stand up for you and guide you. You need an attorney who will be straight with you and tough with the insurance companies.

At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., you are represented by a trial lawyer with 50 years of experience. We have earned the trust of our clients through excellent service, skilled lawyering and a record of good results. Please reach out today for a free consultation.

We Know Personal Injury Law In Kansas And Missouri

With offices in Overland Park and North Kansas City, we represent the injured in the Kansas City metro area and surrounding communities on both sides of the border. Barbara Hecht is familiar with the laws and courts in both states. She can capably represent you if you were injured by the negligence of others, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – Auto collisions, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk drivers
  • Motorcycle crashes – Collisions with cars or forced off the road
  • Premises liability – Slip-and-falls and other injuries caused by property owner negligence
  • Dog bites – Wounds, scarring and emotional trauma from dog attacks
  • Wrongful death – Fatal accidents caused by careless, reckless or intentional acts

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Injury Lawyer?

Many of our clients have never needed legal representation before. We provide a free consultation to explain your rights and gauge whether you have a personal injury case. If you hire us, we do not collect any attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you through a settlement or jury verdict. So there are no upfront costs to you.

Do I Have To File A Lawsuit And Go To Court?

It is common in personal injury to file a formal lawsuit, but that does not necessarily mean there will be a trial. The vast majority of cases are settled out of court. However, if the insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair settlement, Barbara Hecht is an experienced trial lawyer who can confidently present your case to a jury.

What Kinds Of Compensation Can Victims Receive?

Compensation is based on economic and personal harm. Victims can recover damages for their medical bills and future medical care, for lost wages or loss of earning capacity, for permanent disability or disfigurement, and for pain and suffering. In the case of major injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, loss of limb or broken bones, the losses and suffering and future needs are greater. The person may need extensive rehab, surgery, nursing care, medical equipment, pain management or income replacement if they cannot return to work.

The more serious the accident, the more important it is to have an experienced and committed lawyer fighting for your full compensation. In the event of catastrophic injury or fatality, we may work with medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, life care planners and other professionals to prove fault and gauge the full impact on the victim and the family. The higher the damages, the harder the insurance companies will work to deny or downplay your claim.

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Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., has served the Kansas City area for decades. We welcome people from all walks of life. For close support and trusted advocacy in the aftermath of your injury, arrange a free initial consultation at our Kansas or Missouri offices. Call 913-766-5793 or use our email form.