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At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we believe that children should be put first in any domestic proceeding. We put that belief into practice when helping both traditional and nontraditional couples in the divorce or dissolution process. Kansas and Missouri child custody lawyer Barbara E. Hecht has been trained as guardian ad litem and is often appointed by courts in both states to represent the best interests of children in these matters.

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Child Custody Basics

Kansas and Missouri family courts encourage parents to work together for the best interests of the children. In both states, joint legal and joint physical custody are favored over sole custody. This means that regardless of where the children’s primary residence is, both parents will have an equal say on the major issues involved with raising the children to adulthood.

Both states also require parenting plans, even if you and your spouse or partner still intend to live under the same roof. Essentially, these are detailed schedules that account for every minute of each child’s day and where or with whom it will be spent. Parenting plans even account for holidays and contingencies such as vacation or illness. In both states, a more equal amount of parenting time can reduce the amount of child support parents can expect to pay or receive.

Child Custody For Same-Sex Couples

Even though same-sex marriage is legal, married LGBT couples can face special challenges when it comes to child custody and parentage. For unmarried couples, it is important to have a cohabitation agreement and an estate plan drafted early on in your relationship, especially when there are children involved. Whenever possible, try to resolve any relationship disputes through mediation or the collaborative law method. A courtroom judgment may not be sensitive to your needs.

Alternatives To Litigation

While it is not possible or appropriate to avoid litigation in every divorce or dissolution, children are much less likely to suffer long-term emotional or psychological harm when an out-of-court solution can be reached. Mediation and collaborative law approaches to divorce and dissolution allow that to happen.

Attorney Barbara E. Hecht handles custody modifications and is qualified to practice collaborative law in both Kansas and Missouri. Our firm also offers limited scope representation and can represent you solely for the purposes of resolving primary custody, joint custody, visitation or support issues.

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