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Modifying The Terms Of Your Divorce Or Dissolution

Post-divorce modifications change the child custody, visitation, child support or alimony (also referred to as maintenance) arrangements that were agreed to or ordered at the end of your marriage. Either spouse can obtain such a change, provided they can show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances such as an illness, job relocation or significant income change.

In any situation — whether you are seeking a post-divorce modification or want to keep things the way they are — having a lawyer with experience and a proven track record of success representing parties on both sides of this issue can make all the difference.

At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we offer decades of family law experience in Missouri and Kansas and can help you resolve problems in this area. We can help you avoid the costs of litigation by reaching a mutual agreement through negotiation,
mediation or collaborative law. When that does not happen, we are prepared and have been very successful at both obtaining and challenging post-divorce modifications through the courts.

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A Change In Missouri’s Paternity Laws

Effective August 28, 2009, men who have been declared the father of a child by a Missouri court can petition to set aside the judgment and be relieved of their child support obligations — provided a DNA test shows they are not the biological father and their petition is filed before December 31, 2011. We are able to help clients set aside the terms of paternity judgments.


For various reasons, former spouses do not always abide by the terms of their divorce or dissolution agreements. If you need help with collecting support, asserting custody or visitation rights, or fixing a situation in which you were the one who did not live up to those agreements — we can help.


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