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A scorched-earth approach to divorce or dissolution can yield results, but at what cost? Contentious courtroom battles are costly, time-consuming and have the destructive power to sever relationships and shatter lives.

At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we believe that the best results of legal disputes come through open and honest communication and negotiation. In fact, we have dedicated our careers to finding workable, commonsense solutions to our clients’ legal problems.

A bad economy and the financial realities of dividing one household into two make alternatives to litigation more valuable than ever.
Contact us to discuss the possibility of using mediation or a collaborative law approach to resolve your differences instead.

The Benefits Of A Mediated Or Collaborative Divorce

The benefits of using mediation or collaborative law to end your marriage include:

  • Avoiding the stress and financial costs of time-consuming litigation
  • Keeping everyone focused on the overall well-being of everyone concerned
  • Having a complete and honest exchange of information
  • Resolving differences in a more private, dignified and informal setting
  • Using creative problem-solving techniques
  • Taking an active role in shaping your own future rather than putting those decisions in the hands of a judge

If a successful settlement is reached through mediation or collaborative law, it is typically a win-win situation for both parties. The most important difference between the two is that when a settlement is not reached using the collaborative law approach, both parties must find other lawyers to handle the ensuing dispute.

When it comes to divorce, collaborative law can be especially useful in resolving disputes. In a collaborative divorce, the goals and interests of both parties are taken into account and both spouses, along with their lawyers, work toward a divorce settlement.

When children are involved, a collaborative divorce is especially appropriate, as it puts the crucial decisions in the hands of the mother and father instead of a judge. The fabric of a family is far too important to destroy in a costly, contentious courtroom battle.

Attorney Barbara E. Hecht is qualified to handle civil mediations and is a member of the Collaborative Law Institutes of both Kansas and Missouri.

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At the law firm of Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., we use our experience and qualification in collaborative law to help people through difficult family law issues like divorce and other legal disputes.
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