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Legal Guidance For Establishing Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal instrument that allows one person to make important decisions on behalf of another, if the second person is incapacitated, absent or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves.

If you need help establishing a power of attorney in Kansas City or the surrounding area, Barbara E. Hecht, P.C., is here to guide you through the process. We have extensive experience handling estate planning matters for clients in Kansas and Missouri.

What Can A Power Of Attorney Do For You?

Powers of attorney come in two broad categories:

  • Medical power of attorney: Concerns decisions regarding medication, hospitalization, feeding tubes, hydration, end-of-life care and other medical issues.
  • Financial power of attorney: Concerns decisions regarding bank accounts, investments, rent and other financial affairs.

Powers of attorney are most commonly used to look after people who are advanced in age and may, or have already become, incapacitated due to a medical event. Younger parents also find these legal tools of use, as when they travel and leave their child in the care of another adult who may need legal authority to make a decision regarding the child. A power of attorney can also be established over a younger adult who cannot be trusted to make sound decisions for himself or herself.

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